Lawyer solutions & support

We work alongside your legal and tax advisers to get you up and running as quickly as you need to be. But we're also here to keep your company in good legal standing in accordance with the requirements set by global and local legislation. 

Synterra maintain a network of trusted Lawyerss and Law Firms that provide investors with the confidence they require to transact business in Nigeria. Assisting your company in understanding the law and the business  regulations in Nigeria. We undertake;

  • Legal Due Diligence (LDD) ensuring that contracts and agreements are adhered to and where disputes arise the legal system provides fair arbitration.
  • Pursuing Debtors for outstanding payments
  • Prosecuting fraudsters and fruadulent transactions
  • Providing Companies and Individualsdefence against malicious actions

The challenge for investors in emerging markets is to ensure that their investment is protected by the law and in the event of a dispute or breach they are able to obtain fair access to the legal system as a measure of recourse. Synterra have a number of trusted Law firms that provide excellent representation in making  any judgements are enforced. We work with your company to get the right legal representation.