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We source project finance for natural resource and power projects. We can also access funds for infrastructure projects. Synterra Energy Assets provide Advisory services to investors and have arrangements with lenders that have appetite for Nigerian natural resource projects. We have successfully identified both prospective equity and debt investors.

Synterra acting as Advisors, Consultants and Local Partners also act as risk managers in specific SPVs structured to provide confidence to investors . Despite the challenges the investment environment sometimes pose, Synterra have been able to identify competent indigenous providers. As a consequence international investors and lenders are willing to adopt our innovative approach to Nigeria country risk.

Our clients are businesses with an established trading track record or a proven technology, who are ready to enter the Nigerian market. Synterra work with the management to confirm the chosen investment strategy, funding strategy and to review the available options and determine the most suitable route forward. We can offer both equity and debt funding solutions to our clients.In order to add value to Synterra, and our clients, there is a strategy to acquire proprietary interest in businesses which complement the philosophy and activity of Synterra.

What is equity funding?

Most of our clients would have already gone through an initial equity funding round. Equity funding typically results in an investor taking investment in the share capital of the investee company – either at a fixed price at the outset, or over a period of time, depending on the performance of the business.The investee company would either allocate a block of existing shares to the incoming investor, or issue new shares.The equity investor could be either a private High Net Worth (angel) investor, or an institutional / corporate investor.Synterra only deals with non-retail investors who are defined as professional investors and elected professional investors by the FCA.

What is debt funding?

Debt funding is commonly associated with a bank overdraft facility, however there is a whole range of debt products available, depending on the stage of the company’s growth and the risk profile of the business.

Synterra can introduce clients to the right specialist lenders, who can help clients select the right debt product for their needs.Often the clients’ needs will require a bespoke blended debt solution, which would reflect the cash flow and industry cycle of their business or sector.