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Whilst Nigeria can be a lucrative investment destination in order to unlock the potential you  need to manage a multitude of risk issues, often on a daily basis. Synterra can help you to meet these challenges, because our experts work together with you to understand risk from your perspective. This approach enables us to provide you with bespoke strategic advice and innovative solutions across a wide range of insurable and non-insurable risks. Unlike management consulting firms with risk divisions, Nigeria risk is our sole focus – which is why you can consistently call upon us to handle your most challenging business issues.

We help you to manage your organisation’s risk strategically, with bespoke solutions designed to meet not only your risk management objectives, but also your overall business goals. Using industry-leading data and analytics, we evaluate your exposures and risk management programme gaps, helping you to determine the return on your investment and make informed decisions about programme adjustments and direction.

We can help you understand the likelihood and impact of diverse risks on your operations in Nigeria, and monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of those risks. You can recover from losses faster, take advantage of emerging business opportunities, and achieve business objectives.

The result: We can help you change and manage your risk profile in such a way that improves resiliency, reduces future claims, and minimises risk costs.


Understanding the in-country risk in Nigeria is the key to maximising business potential and sustainable profitaability. The concept of risk management has been of increasing relevance and importance in recent years especially in emerging markets. Organisations must decide on the amount and type of risk that they are prepared to accept in order to meet their objectives.
Our Enterprise Risk and Resiliency Program can help your company to identify, assess, and quantify risks and controls for your organisation, projects, and initiatives. We devise strategies to reduce your risk and its associated costs, strengthen risk management, and create assurance around future loss expectancies.

Integrating risk finance, risk management, and business continuity programmes enables us to help you improve the resiliency of your organisation, while applying specialist advice and analytics in areas such as supply chain, crisis management, cyber, and business interruption enhances your preparedness for ‘tail risk’.

We provide essential consultancy to clients: to map their security needs, guide them towards the right solutions and assist with their implementation. Our clients ask us to help them develop systems and processes to protect their staff, assets and investments against a wide range of sophisticated adversaries. We work with clients to build threat intelligence and risk models that identify areas of vulnerability, and to design and implement protective measures.

Our security experts have acted on behalf of a diverse client base on matters that include security planning, site portfolio reviews, security surveys and penetration tests, training and intelligence programme development, expert testimony and post-incident investigation. In each case we adopt a threat intelligence-led approach, leveraging the global reach of our source network and local security resources to deliver the best outcome for our client.