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Synterra  provide the perfect partner in the reformed power sector, we are actively looking at both Gas powered electricity production and renewable energy power generation. The power sector reform act has provided impetus for renewable energy projects such as solar PV, Solar thermal and Mini-hydro projects. There is currently a huge power generation and distribution deficit in Nigeria making  Nigeria one of the lowest per capita power producers in the world


Our success is based on sound business judgement and accurate risk assessment in response to every JV investment opportunity. We review and advise on project implementation and investment risk and offer expert opinion on the viability of opportunities indicating flaws where there are any. We manage country risk on behalf of our partners and remain a dependable ally for the hydrocarbon industry, Energy and Mining investment in the West Coast of Africa.

Our approach is simple yet detailed. We undertake due diligence, company evaluation and project valuations, various technical, business and financial evaluations of facilities and recommend appropriate investment options on assets from hydrocarbon acreages to mineral and mining concessions.

The Synterra team is  one of experienced players with a solid track record of  success experts gained from years of proven achievement and delivery on projects.