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If you are looking to access funding for the development of a hydrocarbon asset in West Africa , then Synterra may have a plethora of options for you. For a modest fee we are able to access substantial capital in a variety of ways.  Structured financing techniques  in  oil-and-gas-related project  finance  have grown  more popular over the past several decades.  Securitization, in particular, has played an  important role in project finance by increasing oil and gas sponsors' access to afford­ able financing  from  the capital markets and helping banks refinance their project loan  exposures.

 As  a consequence of  the recent credit crisis,  structured project financing  methods  is  even  more  important  than  in  the  past.  Without  the  potential  benefits  of  structured  financing,  oil  and gas  project lending in  the  current credit-and capital­ constrained environment could contract precipitously

Synterra would like to talk to you to see where we can assist you in raising Project Finance.

Project finance is the extension of  credit to  finance an economic unit where the  future cash flows  of  that unit serve as collateral for the loan.  By facilitating the separation of  project assets from the sponsor and enabling the  financing of  those assets on the basis  of  the cash flows they are expected to  generate, project finance can allow a sponsor to  undertake a project with more  risk than the sponsor is otherwise willing to  underwrite  independently. Project finance can also help sponsors avoid incurring leverage beyond  tolerable levels, thereby helping them preserve their debt capacity, credit ratings, and  cash flows  for alternative capital investment activities.

Large-scale  oil  and  gas  projects  have  been popular  subjects  for  project  financing  since  the  inception of  the market.  Indeed,  modem project  finance  "came  of  age"  in  the  1970s  and  1980s  with  the  successful  financing of  North Sea oil and gas projects, Australia's northwest shelf  gas  project, independent non utility power generation in the United States, and similar substantial  projects.  In  more  recent  years,  oil  and  gas  projects  remain  second  only  to  power projects as the basis for project financings.