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Synterra Energy Assets have vast experience in both the import and export of Refined Products from and to Nigeria. The management of Synterra have a solid track record of trading refined product as produced from Nigerian Refineries  such as Naphtha and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil for Export. We are also active traders of Natural Gas (NGLs) and are able to trade Butane, Propane, c4 and Pentanes

On the Importation side, Synterra have excellent partners and suppliers for the supply of quality refined Petroleum products into Nigeria. We are able to bring in 30,000 MT cargoes either under spot or term basis of Gasoline (PMS) Gasoil (AGO) or Jet A-1 (DPK)

We also have direct agreements with Refineries in Ghana and Lithuania and arrangements with Polish and a number of Mediterranean Refiners

Our trading counterparties comprise of most of the international trading huses.




Nigerian grade crudes are highly valued for their high distillate and gasoline bearing characteristics and are in huge demand by Refiners. The Management of Synterra have been interacting with the  Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and understand the crude oil complex in Nigeria thoroughly. WePartner serious End Users desirous of Nigerian grade crude and  obtain term lifting contracts (which is the only way Nigerian crude can be legally lifted)

The  Synterra  Crude Oil Trading business  has  been  and  continues  to   be  focused  on  the development of oil  resources and the trading of crude oil  into the USA, the middle east and Europe. The focus of our business  activities  encompass   economies  of  scale commodity    trading,    and also involve   more    creative,    self-styled    structured transactions which offer additional flexibility in risk and profit sharing for both the counterparties and Synterra. Our strategy is predicated upon developing   regional systems, from exploration and development of oil and gas reserves through crude trading, processing, supply, storage, wholesaling, distribution of refined product, shipping and ships agency services.