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Following oil production disruptions still periodically affecting the country’s output, Nigerian oil and condensate production showed recovery last year and is estimated to remain at the level of 2 million bbl/d in 2018. While Nigeria is not expected to ramp up production further in the future, sanctioned and unsanctioned projects waiting to be put on stream would be able to offset declining volumes from brownfields,

lngnigSynterra Energy Assets provide Advisory services to investors and  have arrangements with lenders that have appetite for the African upstream Oil and Gas sector. We have successfully identified both prospective equity and debt investors. Synterra acting as Advisors, Consultants and Local Partners  also act as risk managers in specific SPVs  structured to provide confidence to investors . Despite the challenges the investment environment sometimes pose, Synterra have been able to identify competent indigenous providers. As a consequence international investors and lenders are willing to adopt our innovative approach to risk management

The Synterra  Group are currently    deal  originating  in the Nigerian Upstream  Oil  and Gas  Sector
The Senior Management of the company ha ve vast experience with over 20 years  working in Nigeria  Upstream  and understands the Nigeria specific investment environment
We have excellent long term relationships with all the key  players   in the Nigerian  Oil and Gas sector, including , the Senior management of NNPC, their producing subsidiary NPDC  and industry regulator   The DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources)

Synterra are currently involved in advanced negotiations with  NNPC, NPDC and our Partners over  the acquisition  and Operatorship of Oil Mining  Leases and substantial acreage in the Niger Delta

Synterra   have been appointed as  Financial Advisors  for  many  of these transactions and