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lngnigSynterra Energy Assets provide Advisory services to investors and  have arrangements with lenders that have appetite for the African upstream Oil and Gas sector. We have successfully identified both prospective equity and debt investors. Synterra acting as Advisors, Consultants and Local Partners  also act as risk managers in specific SPVs  structured to provide confidence to investors . Despite the challenges the investment environment sometimes pose, Synterra have been able to identify competent indigenous providers. As a consequence international investors and lenders are willing to adopt our innovative approach to risk management

within the sector. Nigeria has been looking to foreign investment to increase productive capacity in the sector but particularly to monetize  and develop gas assets which have a pivotal role to play in power production.

 In partnership with indigenous African contractors and security providers, Synterra Oases Group have created and provided funding for national oil company assets. These SPV's meet local content legislation (an increasing demand in Sub Saharan Africa) and are aptly suited to operating in the local environment. 

In country risk has created a need to develop innovative structures that are able to best manage and appropriately distribute  risk amongst investor counterparties.

Where risks are adequately managed, the potential upside can be considerable. We consider it our job to ensure that investors achieve the anticipated return. In addition to structuring vehicles that provide the required security, Synterra have excellent relationships with some of the national oil companies and are further able to deal with issues of governance, business culture and trading relationships