Our Team


Peter Ize Okundaye
Peter Ize OkundayeSenior Partner

Peter is an Certified Accountant and arch negotiator that has worked globally as a CEO in the oil and gas industry and project finance. He is renowned for his extensive experience in providing Non-Executive Director advisory to business of all sizes and is a specialist in business transformation and change management. He spends his time between the US, Dubai and Nigeria
Femi Tex Ogunkolati
Femi Tex OgunkolatiManaging Partner

Tex has considerable experience operating as a CEO and Consultant  for a number of businesses. His focus has been on start-ups, risk management and financial strategy. He has worked with numerous firms proving advice on change management and business development andgrowth. He is based in the UK but travels extensively.


Dennis Prins
Dennis PrinsSenior Partner

Denis has a long history of completing successful  transactions and projects in Africa with a special focus on mining and trading in both South and West Africa. He has substantial expertise in facilitating direct investment and has successfully negotiated project finance for numerous ventures. He spends his time between the Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe

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