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The Nigeria Solid Mineral and Mining Sector has in effect made the great leap forward which will now allow investors to take  advantage of the vast mineral potential Nigeria possess. There are numerous undeveloped deposits of solid minerals and Rare  Earth which are bound to become more sought after as the scramble for raw material progresses

 Synterra currently control Exploration Licenses for Beryllium, Tin, Lead and Zinc, Tantalite, Lithium and phosphates. Some of these  properties are producing using direct labour and artisanal miners. Many of these sites require investors to "mechanise" production to vastly increase output and provide exponential upside.Synterra have access to numerous Exploration Licenses for mineral properties with proven reserves and great investor value, risked to meet any investors appetite to find out more contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting Solid Minerals.


Our beryllium property in Gwantu, Kaduna State is a worldwide renowned site for both emeralds and aquamarine which we also hols exploration licenses.

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