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The only constant is change, making change management essential for modern businesses to thrive. Having a robust change leadership strategy in place means organisations can adapt quickly to new technologies, new business models, new opportunities and market developments.


we will  lead your businesses through change, helping employees thrive and develop in a complex business environment. We don't apply a 'one size fits all' approach, instead, we consider the culture and change appetite of an organisation and work as a partner to embed changes that will generate long-lasting and successful impact rather than a short-term shock.

When businesses go through a major change or transformation, earning buy-in from your people is crucial. The greatest success comes when you place your people at the centre of everything you do, so to ensure a successful transition for your employees, we create a vision they can understand and will embrace.

The goal is to paint a picture of the change with as much clarity as possible. Successful change happens when people are clear on the reasons for change and are committed to the outcomes.

This is the basis for our change methodology, which we employ to successfully guide our clients through an eclectic array of changes, ranging from the introduction of individual processes to business-wide integration following multi-million-pound mergers. The graphic below shows our approach to change management.


When disruptive change happens, current products and work systems can lose value because of the new cultural expectations or technical developments. Disruptive change influences the way that businesses interact with customers and their employees.


Disruptive innovations frequently cause disruptive changes. Disruptive innovation is the idea that the invention of a new product can disrupt an entire market, changing what consumers want out of a business or what employees expect from their employer and vice versa.


  • Change readiness assessments and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management planning, design and development
  • Communication strategy, planning and execution
  • Digital tools for management of complex consultations
  • Workforce transition management and execution; for example, through workshops


A different more disruptive but  integrated approach conceived to unlock hidden potential

we get business leaders to take difficult decisions as new challenges quickly arise, while also keeping their strategic goals in focus. The Covid-19 crisis has further raised the pressure to perform, as business models have become obsolete overnight and the rush to digital accelerated. I  can unleash the skills and know-how already within your organisation to drive innovation and seize new opportunities with solutions which are the right fit for your business units and teams.


I provide Strategy consultancy advise for organisations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. It is a type of Management Consulting, which generally implies advising at the highest-level of a company

I also provide business management consultancy working with businesses to improve their performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth. I  work with businesses across a wide range of sectors, including business strategy, finance, HR and marketing. It’s not just private firms – I work with many public institutions.



Collaborative engagement is at the heart of my approach. The core knowledge of sectoral issues, strategic opportunities and organisational risks already lies with key people within your organisation. We can provide objective support to harness this knowledge and develop integrated strategic planning solutions to bring tangible, measurable improvement.

I  have substantial expertise in high-level strategic governance, such as helping organisations meet the Sustainable Development Goals.I believe focusing on these and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can add value and reduce long-term risk.

I bring specialist capabilities  and new thinking in areas such as data analytics, ERP planning, and robotics process automation to help drive efficiency. Our team includes management consultants, accountants, technology experts and economists with a wide range of business planning skills. This allows us to assist with projects that range from global IT infrastructure upgrades to delicate issues of cultural change.


I provide Strategy consultancy advise for organisations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. It is a type of Management Consulting, which generally implies advising at the highest-level of a company

I also provide business management consultancy working with businesses to improve their performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth. I  work with businesses across a wide range of sectors, including business strategy, finance, HR and marketing. It’s not just private firms – I work with many public institutions.




We work  with organisations at all stages of the diversity and inclusion journey to develop clear and actionable strategy to attract diversity and create inclusion. I build strategies that have clear alignment with the overarching business goals of the organisation so that D&I does not get stuck being perceived as a ‘cosmetic initiative’ but rather something that enables, or adds to, core business objectives.


As your strategic diversity and inclusion advisor, I will engage all your key stakeholders in a proven process that builds successful inclusion strategies:
• Conduct scalable diagnostics to identify your key challenges and opportunities, considering both your internal and external business environment
• Assess senior leaders and their teams for readiness to lead inclusively
• Work consultatively with key stakeholders to develop a strategy with firm commitment and ownership
• Benchmark your organisation against global best practice
We’ll identify the impact of D&I not just on your ability to attract, retain and develop talent, but also your ability to innovate, manage risk, win market share, engage communities, and collaborate effectively across functions and borders.


The creation and continued evolution of a diversity and inclusion strategy is critical for achieving the company’s objective in this area. I have perfected a framework which easily adapts to create a bespoke approach for your business

 Having a diversity & inclusion strategy is critical for any organisation seeking to set out their approach in these areas. VERCIDA Consulting have developed DIVE© - a diagnostic model designed to help organisations develop bespoke D&I strategies.


  • Diagnose: Where are you now? What does your business and industry data tell us?
  • Individual to you: What is the right strategy for your business?
  • The psychological and business damage of ‘covering’ and imposter syndrome at work.
  • Vision: What are your ambitions and aspirations? Where do you want to be in the future?
  • Evaluate: What measures can we build to review progress and evaluate success?


My extensive experience working globally as a business founder, Board Director and CEO of a broad range of sectors for over 30 years provides me with the necessary acumen and objectivity

NEDs are vital to any organisation for a number of reasons, bringing specialist expertise and valuable insights. But of utmost importance is our independence from the management of the company, which makes us ideal for monitoring and evaluating a company’s executive directors.

In practice I generally focus on matters that are raised in board meetings providing an independent view of the company separate from its day-to-day running.

However, being a NED is not simply a matter of displaying the necessary qualities – business life now includes sophisticated compliance and risk issues (such as cybercrime) which will quickly expose any ‘gifted amateur’ NEDs.


It is important to note that UK law does not distinguish between executive and non-executive directors – all board members have the same duties and responsibilities.

The defining quality of a NED is their independence from the company’s executive directors. Bringing objectivity and scrutinising strategy is a vital business function at anytime let alone during times of uncertainty and volatility.




There are many different templates and formats for  Business Plans, but the basic information that is required is the same. I work with and can provide clients with a detailed template format that covers each key area and explains a little about what needs to go into each section, from the specific viewpoint of a business plan that is aimed at capital raising, even if just a few thousand pounds overdraft from your bank manager.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. A comprehensive Business plan illustrates exactly what your business is and where it's going, it's extremely detailed so that you and whoever else consumes the information such as future investors, can see exactly what your intentions are for your venture and the potential it has.

My comprehensive business plans are extensive, encompassing all things such as model, target market, provided product and/or service, management summary, projected profit and more. It is very important you have a comprehensive Business plan, so your business projections are backed up by research, graphs and numbers, not just words.

I ensure that your business plan is exactly that in depth, informative and engaging.

This type of business plan is usually required for substantial investment. The final business plan might slightly differ in content depending on the size of the funding required seed, series A to series C.


The business plans contain the following information in addition to an electronically formatted financial model.

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Research
  • Management overview
  • Product or service overview
  • 5 years Financial Projections
  • Business modelling
  • SWOT analyses
  • Up to 4 competitor analyses
  • Operation plan
  • Personnel plan
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial write-up


I combine the power of people and technology to achieve real, quality results. I  prepare plans and pitch decks that highlights the advantages of your business idea, your value propositions, and the attractiveness of the investments.

All my business plans are prepared from scratch ensuring accuracy and an eye for detail. Business plans are usually provided with a basic design, accompanied by custom charts. And our pitch decks are designed to match your branding.

 The business plan writing process can take up to 20-40 working days. The initial research part takes about 10-15 days to develop. You might not hear from me during the early stages of the market research, however i will send you the draft for your approval as soon as its available.




My core business is securing finance and developing oil and gas, mining, energy and agricultural projects but I also consider construction projects in a broad range of other industries including residential housing, commercial property, transport and manufacturing. TThere is no upper limit and I have vast experience in arranging different rounds of funding from a variety of debt and equity participants.


Once we agree to take on your  project we  charge commitment  fee and negotiate a retainer for the period of the engagement. We also obtain my commission as a success fee which is paid to  me at  the same time finance is placed with the project. This success fee model has a number of significant implications.

My clients do not have to commit to paying large  upfront finance provision fees.

If I  do not provide finance for a project, I do not receive a success fee, so I am  really interested in financeable projects.

I  operate strict application procedures designed to eliminate applications for non-financeable projects before they generate administrative costs.


It currently requires about two  weeks for me to process a fully completed project finance application form. I do not process project finance application forms which have not been fully completed.


I will work with your Executives to perfect and present your company's project finance application to afford it the best possible chance of success. I undertake :

  • Feasibility analysis and due diligence
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Building/auditing operating models
  • Financing structure and modelling
  • Underlying asset summaries
  • Equity return and sensitivity analysis
  • PPP project assessment
  • Industry/macro-economic research
  • Case studies


Ensure technology is creating value for your business. Lets start by ensuring your business is web-enabled and all your internal clients have the tools to operate at their most effective. As the rapid pace of technology advancement shows no sign of relenting, it becomes increasingly important for organisations to understand the potential impact this will have, both in terms of value generation and management of emerging risks.


Our technology advisory service is designed to deal with expertise across numerous disciplines such as Technology Strategy Development, Outsourcing, Cloud, IT Operating Model and IT Effectiveness. My Advisory has assisted numerous Clients and is  designed to support your business and ensure that technology is used to create and maintain value.

We have the necessary experience  to support your Board and Executive team when making key technology investment decisions or as part of a significant growth or change programme, and are scalable in a way that works for both our large listed clients through to small privately owned businesses. I have built relationships with many of the leading technology vendors to ensure we are aware of the latest trends, services and products, but remain completely independent and vendor agnostic, allowing us to make objective recommendations.


ITSM (IT Service Management) is the set of systems and processes firms use to improve the way IT is used.

 What this means? ITSM is much more than just your IT department meeting its goals. Unlike traditional IT management approaches, it isn’t about technologies themselves. It’s not about how you develop, deliver or maintain hardware and software. ITSM is about providing well-organized IT services which militate against disruption and deliver business efficiencies.



I work with your Board of Directors to plot the transformation of your digital core to reduce cost, manage risk, and speed time to market. Together we will  design the strategy, simplifying technology and optimizing costs, all while managing risk.

I will ensure  the design, build, and integrated solutions create a next-generation digital experience. My expertise includes digital application services and modern enterprise application integration.



These days, companies know what they want, when they want it and where they are going to get it. As marketers we are faced with a real challenge: how do we influence and engage with new prospective customers and uncover real business opportunities?. It might seem like an obvious place to start, but getting this nailed from the outset is essential if you want to get off to a flying start.


In our training session, we dive deep into your value proposition with you, to understand: the features and benefits of your offering, your “Why, What & How”, customer pain points we can expose, your target market, your website, content, case studies, presentations – things we can share with prospects.

We don't start a campaign with you until your are confident that we have enough to get people engaged. If we feel that more or better quality content is required, I will chart a way forward with you in order to get you “market-ready”.



I support my Clients through the whole sales cycle, not just at the start. Getting involved before, during and after meetings take place has been crucial to getting new customers over the line.

All of my campaigns are managed through web-based CRMs, which means you can access real-time reports showing your data movement, pipeline development, conversations that are taking place, and new business opportunities.

I will assist your recruitment efforts to ensure  high performance team creation. I provide coaching and training for your sales executives and collaborate in the creation of content and market collateral.



Protecting your reputation, enhancing your organisation. To stay relevant and continue to innovate you must have a stable foundation to build upon. The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) standards can facilitate this by introducing your organization to industry good practices to both meet your stakeholder expectations in the present, but also enable your aspirations to be realised.

We recognise that the decision to implement an ISO standard should not be taken lightly. There is huge value to be gained through the adoption of good practice, using an internationally recognised standard, but there are also costs associated with the maintenance of it for its full potential to be realised.



Every organisation starts from a slightly different point – you may already have certification to one or several standards, or you may align with them, or other good practices.


Reflecting on your organisation's objectives we will work with you to determine the most beneficial ISO Management Standards implementation journey considering:


  • The implementation of a single standard
  • The asynchronous implementation of multiple standards
  • The deployment of an integrated management system
  • Tools to manage your existing system
  • Internal audit of your existing management systems
  • Maintenance support to manage or rebuild a lapse management system, including training.

Protecting your reputation, enhancing your organisation. To stay relevant and continue to innovate you must have a stable foundation to build upon. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards can facilitate this by introducing your organization to industry good practices to both meet your stakeholder expectations in the present, but also enable your aspirations to be realised.

International Standards mean that consumers can have confidence that their products are safe, reliable and of good quality. ISO's standards on road safety, toy safety and secure medical packaging are just a few of those that help make the world a safer place.

Regulators and governments count on ISO standards to help develop better regulation, knowing they have a sound basis thanks to the involvement of globally-established experts.



Emerging markets can provide exponential business opportunities with high yield potential. Numerous arbitrage opportunities exist for firms that can navigate in-country risk. I have vast experience specifically in Africa mitigating country risk and delivering outsize yields.

Disrupted and restructured trade flows and low production cost economies are set to begin to dominate evolving trade flows.


I offer specialised consultancy services in relocation and expansion of businesses to the emerging markets from the UK to the rest of the world and vice versa.

I help you to manage your organisation’s risk strategically, with bespoke solutions designed to meet not only your risk management objectives in entering emerging markets, but also your overall business goals. Using industry-leading data and analytics, we evaluate your exposures and risk management programme gaps, helping you to determine the return on your investment and make informed decisions about programme adjustments and direction.

I can help you understand the likelihood and impact of diverse risks on your operations in emerging markets, specifically Africa, and monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of those risks. You can recover from losses faster, take advantage of emerging business opportunities, and achieve business objectives.


Africa as an emerging frontier market is difficult to ignore. It’s a vast continent of 11.7 million square miles, home to some 1.2 billion people — more than 15% of the global headcount — and is poised to overtake China’s population within the next five years or so. It is however a diverse heterogenous continent requiring expert analysis and broad understanding for companies seeking to invest. This is a key speciality skillset of Synterra Consulting.

In addition to in depth risk management, I undertake due-diligence, conduct KYC investigations  and compliance investigations on behalf of the Client.


Companies around the world are placing greater emphasis on managing risks in response to rising demands from stakeholders. Effective enterprise risk management requires a robust, organisation-wide identification, monitoring and reporting process. Our team draws on their broad industry experience to help clients embed risk management into their corporate culture.

Using the benefit of our legacy experience and our vast network of relationships, I can facilitate market entry across a variety of sectors. Working as a trusted Advisor and interlocutor I can ensure that your organisation seamlessly gain access to emerging markets with minimum risk.

I am recognised by clients and industry leaders for my dedication to aproviding value—which is why you should not hesitate to contact me with your projects

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