Synterra Oases Capital Assets present our new risk  solution for Nigerian  agriculture and crop farmers.  We are delighted to be able to introduce, Our index based insurance product. Agriculture is a massive component of the Nigerian economy and has become the focus of the government drive for diversification of the economy.Nigeria has over 5 million active farmers, the vast majority smallholder crop farmers. Yet most of them operate without any form of insurance and as a result, are unable to access loans that would boost productivity and foster food security.

Parametric insurance is based on the threats to crop farming. It uses the  weather  indices such as rainfall, soil moisture, and temperature. These objective parameters are used to create highly accurate crop yield models. These models are currently working in other locations with a very high degree of success.Because our solutions employ objective indices to trigger a claim, the technology  we use to establish loss assessment, allows us to expedite near instant pay-outs to policy holders. 

The many benefits of Index based insurance are perfect for Nigerian farmers, it will transform food production in the country and achieve rapid food security. Index Based Insurance, specifically devised for the Nigerian market is a game changer and will revolutionise  the way agriculture is funded in Nigeria.


We work with a variety of globally recognised best-in-class providers of parametric derivative and insurance solutions

Our Partners are able to structure innovative products which can underwrite the parametric risks on an insurance and reinsurance or derivative and swap basis,while SatSure will leverage its machine learning and big data technologies to bring rich risk assessment and analytics to support these parametric risk transfer solutions. This will allow us to deliver the full range of index based insurance solutions to Nigerian farmers.

Our technology partners SatSure  provide a detailed risk assessment using their proprietary SPARTA platform, its intelligence platform driven by satellite data and analytics, while AXA Climate will underwrite and price climate-related risks for farmers and clients operating across the agriculture and critical infrastructure sectors.


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Our powerful satellites provide us with the capability to monitor in minute detail crop yields and weather metrics. We are able to provide real time insights.
Financial inclusion of smallholder crop farmers is made possible and the use of insurance to secure loans for investment into agriculture.  This is a critical factor for success and will boost food security.
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