Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading


Synterra now exports agricultural cash crops from Nigeria

We have developed a supply chain operation with local producers of various  agricultural produce in Nigeria. The produce is destined for export to existing off-takers under contract. Synterra are able to deliver the produce on a  CIF  or FOB basis under flexible payment options. 

The Nigerian Government are providing incentives under the new policy to boost exports of agricultural produce from Nigeria

Led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council infrastructure and policies are being developed to increase participation in export and cash crop production

By creating value and rationalizing the efficiency of the supply chain, the government have address many of the perceived in country risks of exporting from Nigeria

Export quality produce enhanced by local processing capability has created US Dollar revenue opportunities for exporters in Nigeria

We are able to impose rigorous best practice in maintaining the fidelity of the supply chain whilst being uniquely positioned to engage local producers.

Agricultural exports are a priority objective for the Nigerian Government in diversifying the economy away from Oil

We currently have arrangements for the following products:


Sesame Seeds



Cashew Nuts

Shea Butter


Gum Arabic