Synterra have acquired beryllium exploration licenses in Gwantu, Kaduna State which give us exclusive exploration rights for beryllium, aquamarine and emeralds.


Synterra have been proactive in Nigeria  in creating trade agreements with other beryllium producers in an attempt to combine and aggregate production in country.  Synterra also seek to explore the feasibility  of entering into  a contractual relationship with a suitable processor (and/or) Refiner and has an ongoing dialogue with producers in the US, China and Kazakstan.

We have completed both geological and geophysical studies of the site with very encouraging results that would seem to support a fairly extensive deposit. It is our intention to undertake a code compliant resource estimate. IWe are seeking a technical and financial partner for investment.

This would take the form  of  a term contract for the off-take or smelting of produced beryllium. We are also prepared to contemplate   joint venture  or special purpose vehicle structures where such relationships might be efficient in adding value to mining projects.