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Implementing Innovative Disruption, Creative Destruction and Change Management.
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Change Management

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I am an experienced Consultant with a solid track record of providing  solutions which deliver performance

Seeing Things Differently

I understand the importance of organisational change and the unique challenges it places upon performance.

Creating Resilience and Profit

As trends change and practises evolve structures and processes need to be optimised to leverage new opportunities.


My focus is on creating flexibility, resilience and managing disruption risk
Having the best products and services is just no longer good enough. More Firms are finding out that their competitors  are not in their industry. The  pace and scale of technical innovation has created new challenges for existing  business and practises
We manage change through a process I call creative destruction. The process is a continuos methodology and evolves with technology and the operating environment. Build back better, stronger and with increased flexibility to always remain  competitive
I manage a variety of business risks by proactively turning them into opportunities. Traditional risks of doing business  are complemented by new risk categories with calamitous potential outcomes. Fortifying risk  helps provide the business with much needed resilience.
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I approach each assignment with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, proven results.
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