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Why Synterra Consulting?

 I bring over a quarter of a century of global experience to my Clients. Experience gained globally in a multitude of businesses of all sizes. Guiding Clients through change and delivering winning strategies that assist them in achieving their most ambitious goals. Guiding Start-ups, and running both large small, and medium-sized businesses as equity owner, Non-Executive Director, and Strategy Consultant has provided me with vital cognisance.

 My career is punctuated by a litany of significant milestones and achievements that stand as testaments to the collaborative success achieved  between my clients and myself.  I have successfully consulted for over 50 organisations devising and implementing transformative strategic overhauls, resulting in substantial post-implantation revenue growth and enhancing shareholder value for the Clients.


Why Use A Strategy Consultant?

As a strategy consultant with vast experience in engaging with companies of all sizes, I offer a suite of tailored services designed to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. My consultancy delivers actionable insights and strategies that ensure sustainable growth, profit, and competitiveness. Below is an in-depth look at the services provided, each crafted to address the unique challenges faced by firms and organisations in today’s business environment.

Success for my clients is not just measured in financial metrics; it is reflected in the lasting relationships I build, the confidence they gain in navigating market complexities, and the pursuit of excellence that becomes ingrained in their corporate culture. As I look to future engagements, I carry with me the rich tapestry of experiences and lessons learned, ready to foster new achievements and carve out pathways to success in an unpredictable business world.

Ultimately, my goal is to help organisations of all sizes not only to survive in today's competitive market but thrive and grow. By leveraging my expertise in strategic planning, implementation, and risk management. I can help firms increase profitability, sustainability, and resilience in the face of change. My experience in successfully guidng companies that seek to enter emerging markets in Africa has provided businesses with the  essential tools required to ensure  they have a solid foundation on which they can thrive in some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Whether  you are a small or medium-sized business looking to take your operations to the next level, enter new emerging markets in Africa or simply seeking to manage change, consider hiring me as your  strategy consultant to help you achieve your most ambitious business goals.

What AreThe Key Benefits?

Dedicated Expertise

Dedicated Expertise

I bring highly specialised Knowledge in the niche areas which I  focus, which means offering SMEs highly specialised skills that large firms may not provide.

  My experience has afforded me with expertise in diverse backgrounds, having been engaged by multiple organisations, which enriches my approach to problem-solving.



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What My Clients Say

I have a global portfolio of organisations and firms that I have engaged with over the past 25 years. The diverse array spans from Start-Ups to Joint Stock companies in places such as Russia and China. I have provided strategic advice for companies entering the emerging markets of Africa as well as firmly established companies seeking to diversify and restructure their business. Below are a select few.


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