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Synterra Oases Capital Assets is your bridge to the vast opportunities within Africa's vibrant emerging markets. We understand the pulse of this diverse and dynamic continent and are specialized in guiding businesses, like yours, to confidently navigate and establish a firm foothold. Our expertise is tailored for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and enterprises poised to engage in trade and project finance in these burgeoning economies.

Femi Tex Ogun
Femi Tex OgunOwner Consultant

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Consultants play an increasingly important role in ensuring Organisations are able to maintain a focus on managing change and innovation whilst they compete in an rapidly changing business environment.  Engaging a Strategy Consultant should not just be a sympton of a problem, it should reflect a forward-looking Organisations desire to leverage change and use it as an opportunity  to deliver sustainable growth and profitability. In this regard, it is my job to support your organisation, as I have succeeded in doing with countless others, acieve its most ambitious goals.

Our Core Values

Despite the fast moving ever changing  business environment some principles remain the same. The tools , trends and tastes  evolve  but the underlying values remain the same. Those are the values to which I subscribe.

Our Philosophy.

"...If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”

"...Primum non nocere...”
(Firstly, Do no Harm)

Why Choose Synterra?

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet many of them struggle to compete with larger companies in today's fast-paced and ever-changing market. As a freelance strategy consultant, I specialize in working with these smaller firms to help them increase profitability and sustainability, manage change and risks, and ultimately achieve their long-term business goals.


One of the main benefits that I bring to small and medium-sized businesses is my expertise in developing strategic plans and initiatives that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. By conducting in-depth analyses of the company's current operations, market position, and competitive landscape, I can help identify areas for improvement and growth. This may involve streamlining internal processes, identifying new revenue streams, or expanding into new markets.


In addition to helping businesses develop a strategic roadmap for success, I also work flexibly and closely with them to implement these plans and initiatives effectively. This may involve training employees on new processes and systems, establishing key performance indicators to measure progress, or working directly with management to ensure alignment and accountability. By being actively involved in the implementation process, I ensure that the company stays on track towards their goals and achieves measurable results.


Another key benefit that I bring to small and medium-sized businesses is my ability to help my Clients manage change and risks effectively. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, companies need to be able to adapt quickly to new technologies, consumer preferences, and market trends. By helping businesses identify potential risks and develop contingency plans, I can help them navigate uncertain waters and minimise negative impacts on their operations.


Long-Term Relationships: A Partnership for Continued Success. Forging a long-term relationship with my Clients is at the centre of my consulting practice. This is built upon mutual trust and a deep understanding of your business ethos, objectives, and challenges. Over time, this means:

Customised Strategy Development: A shared commitment to evolve strategies that grow with your company.
2. Consistent Performance Monitoring:  Regular assessment and realignment of strategies to actualize short-term wins and long-term visions.


One of the strongest assets I can offer is an outside-in perspective tempered with empathy and respect for your company's journey. This blend of objectivity and insight facilitates:

Unbiased Strategy Formulation: Providing a clear-eyed view that identifies growth opportunities and potential pitfalls that might be overlooked from within.
Reflective Introspection: Leading to empowered decision-making and strategic pivots that are informed, deliberate, and deeply resonant with your company’s long-term vision.

Rather than committing to the overheads associated with full-time employment, you benefit from the versatility to scale consulting services up or down in accordance with your business needs. This lean approach ensures that you have access to strategic expertise right when you need it, providing your company with the agility to navigate market complexities efficiently and cost-effectively.

Service Overview

Financial Advice

Financial Analysis

I provide detailed financial analysis to help businesses understand their financial health. This includes revenue analysis, cost management strategies, and profit optimization. By forecasting future financial performance, SMEs can anticipate cash flow challenges and secure the necessary funding formexpansion.



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